BI-Worldwide first training course

//BI-Worldwide first training course

BI-Worldwide first training course

Using two different scenarios for one of the exercises Clarity led the first of a short series of training courses for BI Worldwide, the global performance improvement agency. The delegates attending had to manage these two scenarios.

Natural Disaster

A strong earthquake estimated at 7.2 on the Richter scale has just hit the Pisa area of Western Tuscany. Reports are being received that the Town is severely damaged. You have 38 customers who took up an option to spend the morning in Pisa.


A colleague has called to alert you that there has just been a suspected explosion on the edge of the Old Town Square in central Prague. The colleague called because they were aware that you have a group of 57 customers at an event in Prague. There has been a large explosion and there is a lot of confusion.

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