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Training – Breaking Bad News

This Workshop is designed to give confidence to participants who may have to ‘Break Bad News’.

Breaking Bad News is often interpreted as having to tell a next of kin that their loved one has died. In most Western countries it is usual to expect either the Police or the Medical Services to carry out this challenging task. However, experience has shown that it often doesn’t turn out that way. It can fall to someone to unexpectedly have to Break Bad News in this way – the Police and Medical services do not have a monopoly, are often stretched and will encourage you to take on this task if you appear to be willing.

Alternatively it may be necessary for you or your colleagues to break the bad news to people who, although they aren’t close family, are still likely to be very upset.

The Workshop addresses the impact that shocking and sometimes frightening “Bad News” can have on the recipient. It also includes guidance on the on-going management of incidents following the breaking of “Bad News”.

The Workshop includes practical opportunities to practice the skills and knowledge learnt.

Who is this course helpful for?

The Breaking Bad News Workshop is most suitable for colleagues who are likely to have direct contact with people who are affected by a traumatic or tragic event and who are asking for information about close friends, family or colleagues.

The contact with the affected people may be over the telephone or face to face. It is unlikely to be via email, though this isn’t impossible.

Obvious candidates will be members of a Telephone Helpline team or members of a Travelling Team dedicated to incident management.

However, colleagues in some organisations, such as Senior Customer Services Representatives for Tour Operators based in Resort may find the skills and knowledge picked up in this Workshop to be very helpful in the course of their normal duties.

Human Resources staff have previously commented that they will have occasions when the skills learnt will be helpful.

Attending a Breaking Bad News Workshop is also likely to be helpful and informative for those managers who are likely to manage their organisation’s response to an incident, even though they may not expect to have direct contact with people affected by an incident.

The Workshop’s content is adjusted to make it relevant to the organisation receiving the training.

How will participants benefit from taking part in the Workshop?

  •  They will feel more confident in their ability to cope with having to deliver bad news and the subsequent reactions that they might encounter. They will also be more helpful to those distressed people
  • They will learn what to say and do and, very importantly, what not to say and do when breaking bad news on behalf of their organisation
  • What to be aware of and how they can look after themselves during the periods of increased pressure that often include the need to break bad news

Length of course

This Workshop is a half day Workshop as a standalone course.

Alternatively Breaking Bad News can be incorporated as a module within a Defusing Workshop or Telephone Defusing Workshop or as part of a Training course for members of a Travelling Team when  the total course may be up to two or even three days long.

How many people should attend?

At Clarity we don’t impose a limit on numbers attending. However, when there are 15 or more participants we find there is less opportunity for everyone to interact, which reduces the benefit of an interactive Workshop such as this one.

Training activities used in the Workshop?

Trainer presentation, group discussion, small group work, video, role play

And finally…

No pre-Workshop preparation is required by the participants

Hand-outs, certificates of attendance and a short report containing a summary of participants’ feedback will be provided

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