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Incident Preparation Audit

    How many employees do you have in your organisation

    If a tour operator - How many travelling customers per annum

    Number of locations, e.g. offices, branches, destinations/resorts

    Select your country

    Could your business/organisation suffer a traumatic incident affecting colleagues and/or customers and/or their families?YesNo

    Could your business/organisation suffer a tragic incident affecting colleagues and/or customers and/or their families?YesNo

    Does your organisation have an Incident Management Plan, Business Continuity Plan or any alternative plan for looking after colleagues, customers and families following a traumatic or tragic incident?YesNo

    Has your Plan been activated and used to manage your response to a potentially traumatic incident in the last 18 months?YesNo

    Have you, in the last 18 months, used a simulation based exercise to practice using your Plan to respond to an incident? YesNo

    Have the people who would represent your organisation to the Media following an incident received Media facing training or refresher training in the last 18 months?YesNo

    Has your organisation identified and trained the colleague(s) who would take responsibility for direct contact with affected colleagues and/or customers and/or their families?YesNo

    Would you like to be contacted by a Trauma response expert from Clarity Stress and Trauma discuss your audit report and your incident management preparation?YesNo

    Your reply will be treated in strict confidence.

    How to use this Audit form

    Complete the form by entering information in (at least) the fields that have a * then submit it to Clarity. You will receive a free bespoke audit report sent to whichever email address you include.

    The report will contain guidance that you are likely to find helpful whether you are either reviewing your current incident response plans, or are beginning your incident management planning.

    Interpreting the Audit form

    tragic  incident involves a death. Any death is likely to be tragic. But, the impact of the death on your organisation will be greater if it is:

    • sudden
    • caused by violence or an accident
    • work-related
    • on your premises
    • or occurs during an activity you supervise

    traumatic  incident may not cause death or even injury. But it will often cause intense fear, feelings of helplessness and/or horror. Traumatic events typically result in distressing and disruptive psychological reactions that can be long-lasting.

    This audit form is intended to focus on events that relate to your organisation’s activities and which are likely to cause psychological distress. Events are still relevant even if they are peripheral to your main activities (e.g. when colleagues are travelling to and from work).

    It is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of relevant incidents but typical examples include:

    • Colleagues and/or customers experiencing or witnessing a robbery
    • Colleagues and/or customers suffering or witnessing an accident, injury or sudden death
    • Colleagues and/or customers suffering some form of transportation accident or “near-miss”
    • Colleagues and/or customers suffering a terrorist attack
    • Colleagues and/or customers experiencing a natural disaster