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Training – Media Skills

Who is this Workshop helpful for?

This Media Skills Workshop is led by a highly experienced BBC journalist and is invaluable training for anyone who may become the ‘Company Spokesperson’ representing your organisation to the print, radio and television media during the management of an incident.

The Workshop will be relevant to senior members of a Travelling Team or ‘Go Team’ who might encounter media representatives at the location or an incident; or at your Headquarters and other business locations where there may be requests for interviews.

How will participants benefit from taking part in the Workshop?

Clarity’s Media Skills Workshops are delivered by a highly experienced BBC Journalist and Presenter who will guide you through:

  • preparation – in case of an incident
  • managing digital social media
  • responding to the first enquiries
  • developing the messages you want to have broadcast
  • a print/radio interview
  • a television interview
  • using and managing a Press Conference

This Workshop includes individual filmed interviews and analysis for every participant.

Following the Workshops the participants will know how to prepare for a media interview, what to expect during the interview as well as how to conduct themselves during the interview.

How many people should attend and how long will the Workshop be?

A one-day Workshop is suitable for up to a maximum of six participants. This will allow each of them to have two interviews recorded and analysed as well as participating in a Press Conference. If only one or two people are participating it would be possible to make progress with just half a day.

And finally…

Occasionally participants find it helpful if the Workshop takes place in a professional media environments, such as a studio, if that might be where they would attend interviews. This can usually be arranged if required – depending upon the availability of local facilities.

Participants will each be provided with a copy of their audio and video interviews that were recorded during the Workshop.

  • Defusing Workshop:  This is one of Clarity’s most popular Workshops. 'Defusing' isn't a version of counselling and Defusers aren’t required to be trained health or social care professionals.
  • Telephone Defusing Workshop:  ‘Defusing’ is a term used to describe the skills and knowledge that will help you be supportive with people you may speak with on the telephone who have been affected by some traumatic or possibly tragic event.
  • Defusing Workshop - Terrorism Related: A necessary version of our most popular Workshop. Acts of Terrorism can cause some characteristic reactions that it is helpful to be aware of if incidents of this kind are a major concern for your organisation. This Terrorism-Related Workshop will help your Defusers to be more confident when supporting people who have been affected by a traumatic or even tragic act of terrorism.
  • Crisis Management Workshop :  This one-day Workshop helps members of an Incident Management Team consider how their incident management planning and decisions should take account of the psychological impact of the incident on them, their colleagues, customers and others who are affected.
  • Breaking Bad News:  This Workshop is designed to give confidence to participants who may have to 'Break Bad News'.
  • Scenario Based Exercises: These exercises are carefully designed to challenge only the elements of your Incident Management Plan that you want tested.
  • Media Skills Workshop: Led by a highly experienced BBC journalist these Workshops are invaluable for anyone who might have to respond to media requests on behalf of your organisation.