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What does Clarity do?

Clarity helps organisations like yours by using our Planning, Training and Incident Response Services to reduce the distress, costs and reputational damage caused by traumatic and tragic incidents. We can help you with the two essential elements of your Incident Management Plan – Preparation and Response.

It will help you and your organisation to reduce distress, control costs and protect your reputation.

Almost all organisations are vulnerable to incidents that cause psychological distress.

Do you know what could happen to your organisation? 

You probably do. Perhaps you have wisely carried out a risk assessment. Maybe you are worrying about the outcomes of that assessment.

The list of possible incidents can seem endless.  A transportation accident, armed robbery, terrorist attack, natural disaster, workplace accident, sexual assault …or something else.

Choose your incident management consultants and get to know them. You will enjoy better outcomes if you are familiar with each other.

Act now! You might save your organisation from mishandling a serious incident.

Contact Clarity now to find out the details of how we could work together to improve your Preparation and Response.

  • Preparation means writing and reviewing your policy, training your team and practicing.  It’s what you do BEFORE an incident.
  • Response is what you do DURING and AFTER an incident.

Your Response should show you care – by responding promptly and efficiently. You might need:

  • a helpline
  • experienced consultants to travel to the scene
  • your own pre-trained Care Team
  • telephone based support
  • and management advice

The organisations that want Clarity’s services available to them pay a modest Relationship Fee as part of a Service Agreement with Clarity. The whole of the annual Relationship Fee is a CREDIT. The cost of any services used during the year are set against the Relationship Fee.

When our customers use all of the available credit during the year – which they usually do – it means that having PRIORITY ACCESS to Clarity’s 24/7/365 incident management services COST them nothing.

Organisations that have a Service Agreement benefit from a 25% discount on our usual rates as well as other helpful services.

Contact Clarity now on +44(0)1527 759526 to discuss your requirements.

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Clarity’s COVID-19 Videos

Clarity has produced a series of short videos to help you manage psychological reactions caused by the Pandemic. Click here for our full Playlist.

link to COVID vid ep1


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Six months of Incidents – read the Case Summaries

Read this list of Case Summaries from one six-month period to see how we helped our customers respond to the incidents they had to manage.

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Incident Management Awareness

An example of an in-house video scripted and produced by Clarity to train all colleagues and associates in Incident Management Awareness

Clarity Stress and Trauma Ltd is an Associate Member of the United States Tour Operators Association.

Clarity Stress and Trauma Ltd is NOT a participant in the USTOA $1 Million Travellers’ Assistance Program and is not held by USTOA to certain other standards required of Active Members.

Key Events Timeline

Clarity Stress & Trauma Ltd is founded

Clarity Stress and Trauma Ltd is founded, After more than 20 years providing support after traumatic or tragic events in the public and commercial sectors Martin Alderton founds Clarity and becomes its Managing Consultant.

Shopping Centre Suicide

After a man jumped to his death from the top of a shopping centre Clarity supported a group of staff who had witnessed the horrific scene, helping them to return to the scene and to normal activities.

Spanish Balcony Falls

Following separate balcony falls that left two young people with serious injuries Clarity consultants supported a total of more than seventy people who were University or High School students or relatives of the injured. Expert support was provided in various locations in Spain, in a UK High School and in a family home.

Mark Bradley joins Clarity

Mark is a highly experienced Psychotherapist and Trauma Consultant who had already been working closely with Clarity when he joined us as our Associate Director.

Greek Hotel Fire

Clarity sent a consultant to Greece to support 30 people who had to evacuate a burning hotel in the night. The consultant travelled with the group until the end of their tour then provided follow up in Europe and Australia.

Hotel Guest Fatality

Clarity met with and supported a group of Hotel staff and their manager after a well-known guest had become seriously ill and died at a function in spite of heroic efforts by the staff.

Tour Group witness fatal accident

Members of a large tour group from North America and Australasia intervened to help after witnessing a fatal accident next to their halted coach. Our consultant joined the group in Prague a few hours later and remained with them until the end of their tour supporting the Tour Director and every member of the group.

International Student Death in London

Following the death of a young English Language student in London Clarity provided prompt support to a wide range of individuals including students of different nationalities, their leaders, managers of the Language School and the family of the deceased.

Helpline set up after Suicide Attempt

Clarity quickly set up a helpline providing telephone based psychological support to staff after one of their colleagues made a dramatic and highly distressing suicide attempt in the Head Office of his employers, a Building Supplies company.

Nepal Earthquake

Clarity provided telephone based psychological support to customers who had survived the Nepalese earthquake and the aftershocks that followed.

Terrorist Massacre in Tunisia

Clarity provided a 24/7 helpline and face to face psychological support for the customers of a Tour Operator who had hundreds of customers in the Sousse area at the time of the massacre. Clarity’s support was provided for over a year and the helpline remains available to those customers.

Cruise Ship Collision Istanbul

After a collision with a tanker in open water at night our consultant arrived in Istanbul in time to meet a group of 26 customers as they arrived at a hotel after evacuating the ship. The consultant travelled with the group, providing supported overland and during a rearranged cruise through Turkey and Greece.

Terrorist Attack in Nice

Clarity supported numerous victims following this incident, including one individual who was present at the start of the attack where he was leading a large tour group of young adults. Beginning the morning after the attack Clarity’s support lasted for more than eight months.

Support for River Cruise after CPR Failed

After CPR from trained crew failed to revive a customer, one of Clarity's consultants joined a River Cruise to support the family, the Cruise Director, several crew and 160 other passengers.

Sudden death in Tanzania

Clarity’s consultant flew to Africa to provide direct support to the witnesses of a tragic incident.

Suicide of school student

Following the tragic death of a High School pupil Clarity provided direct psychological support to several students directly, as well as providing guidance to senior staff

Clarity support US customers in Ecuador following Shark Attack

Clarity’s consultant travelled to Ecuador to support the victim and his wife after a serious shark attack. Further support was provided to others who had witnessed and intervened in the incident.

Clarity joined the USTOA

The US Tour Operators Association represents integrity in travel in the USA. Clarity is proud to have been sponsored by two of our US based customers allowing us to become a Member. Clarity’s Managing Consultant, Martin Alderton has attended the 2017, 2018 and 2019 USTOA Conferences meeting scores of Active and Associate Members.

Las Vegas Shooting

Clarity provided a helpline for more than 300 customers who were in Las Vegas at the time of the shooting. Face to face and telephone based support was provided to numerous customers helping their recovery.

Supermarket Murder

After a supermarket worker was murdered in front of her colleagues and customers, Clarity provided extended support so that all the staff were able to return to work

Egyptian Ballooning Fatality

Two of Clarity's Consultants travelled to Luxor and Cairo where they supported survivors and the bereaved after a fatal accident

Snorkelling Fatality in Costa Rica

After a tragic snorkelling incident Clarity's Consultant supported the surviving partner both in Costa Rica and for months following her return home

Coach Collision in Germany

Two Consultants worked in Germany, France and Switzerland to support hospitalised customers and dozens of others from the US, Canada and Australia who had survived a serious collision.

Budapest Danube capsize

A group were on an evening boat trip when another boat capsized. Only after helping survivors did they discover the magnitude of the tragedy in which 28 people died. A consultant travelled with the group for three days to support the clients and Tour Director.

Boarded by Armed Pirates

After providing Helpline support a consultant from Clarity was asked to travel to the Bahamas to go aboard and spend two days providing direct support to crew. The ship had been boarded by armed pirates and shots were fired.

Hurricane Dorian

Clarity provided a helpline service to the staff of two Tour Operator Brands who were in the islands that were devastated by one of the most destructive Hurricanes in recent years.

Coach Tour Fatality

When a client from the USA died suddenly during a coach tour of Ireland a Consultant met his widow and two friends to accompany them to Dublin via Cork where they collected his ashes.

Fatal Coach Crash in Egypt

One of Clarity's consultants visited three hospitals each day to see all the survivors of this very tragic event

Clarity trains 800+ in 2019

During 2019 Clarity trained over 800 people in the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain - as well as the UK

Scuba Diving Fatality in Egypt

A Consultant provided support in Egypt to other divers, crew and family of a diver tragically missing. Colleagues provided support to family and Tour Operator staff in the UK.

Antarctica Cruise Ship Incident

Following a crew overboard incident and COVID challenges Clarity's Consultant spent a month onsite in Ushuaia, Argentina supporting staff and crew

Feedback from our clients

“With the assistance of Martin Alderton of Clarity we have just completed a new training video on handling major incidents for our worldwide markets. Martin’s input was invaluable from start to finish. Not only did he use his professional clinical skills but he also handled the script-writing, much of the presentation, direction and technical issues. Having decided to do this largely in-house, we could not have completed this project without his contribution and, as a result, we have an excellent and cost effective new training tool.”

Tim Robinson, Former Vice President, Tourama Limited

“Outstanding. It was all good, especially the real world examples and the dialog. The instructor had an amazing blend of experience and training skills. Also great listening and facilitation skills. Thanks again for the terrific, highly practical sessions.”

Scott Kania, Former Chief Operating Officer, Earthwatch Institute, Boston USA

“Your recent presentation to the Tour Guides that work on Globus/Cosmos tours in the UK and Ireland was perfect – hit the nail on the head and got them thinking. Many said how worthwhile it was, not just for their job as Tour Guides but for life in general.”

Tristram Yarde-Leavett, Managing Director, Tourwise of London Ltd

“Having worked with Martin and his team at Clarity for a number of years, they form an essential part of our crisis and incident response. He has always made himself available to my clients with little or not notice and provided immediate support at the scene, a response which makes a huge difference to our Tour Operators’ clients and employees. As a result of Clarity’s involvement and measured approach we have had hugely positive feedback from our insured and those he has assisted. I would recommend their services unreservedly to Tour Operators, Corporate clients and Insurers.”

Claire Mulligan, Head of UK Liability Defence, Head of Travel Group

“Just want to mention again, how good it was to work with Mark. All of our clients really enjoyed his visits and felt very comfortable with him. He fitted into our team perfectly, and was at all times a true gentleman. Altogether a very positive experience in a difficult situation.”

Sabine Steffen, Avalon Waterways

“I’m so pleased that we commissioned Clarity to provide this training. One of the participants was still chatting about the course when I bumped into her on Tuesday, saying how much she enjoyed it and learnt from it, so thank you!”

Suzanne Elmore, Cyber Security,, former Head of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance, Reed & Mackay

“Martin is a very safe and experienced pari of hands at a time of crisis. He and his highly-trained team of counsellors have handled a great many crisis situations worldwide. I have no hesitation in recommending Clarity Stress and Trauma, for any crisis scenario; you will be assured of the best help available at a difficult time, whether for your clients, their relatives or your own staff – or, indeed, all three.”

Sue Ockwell, Founder Director, Travel PR

“I was really pleased to hear that you had been appointed to deal with the case involving a client of Sports Travel International Ltd. Ashley Gowing, the MD is a really good friend of mine. He mentioned that you had done a really good job helping the family as well as his staff members who witnessed the incident.”

Vito Sepe M.Inst.TT. Dip Cll, , Senior Account Director, James Hallam Ltd

“The scenario day that Clarity organised was a real success. Not only did it put our crisis procedures to the test but it gave us the invaluable chance to practice our skills in a ‘safe’ environment. We came away with a number of recommendations for improving our procedures and a renewed sense of confidence in our skills. Highly recommended.”

Cass Miller-Jones, Head of Sales Operations, Audley Travel

“Martin provided us with some of the best training our Incident Management Team has had. It gave the team hands-on skills, confidence and understanding in being able to manage a particularly sensitive area of incident management. These skills are now an integral part of our incident management planning. This training and the advice he provided make Martin a “must have” in any incident management toolbox.”

Lloyd Figgins FRGS, CEO LGL - Global Risk Mitigation, Former Head of Global Field Safety, Earthwatch Institute

“It’s indeed a great pleasure working with Clarity. I thank you for helping us with this project.”

Andy Barker, Former Executive Director, Globus Travel Services

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