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Clarity’s range of Workshops are delivered in the classroom and increasingly online using Zoom. They provide all the training needed to help implement your Incident Management Plan so you can protect the psychological welfare of your colleagues, customers or others who might be affected by an incident. Doing so will help you control costs and protect your reputation.

All our courses are delivered by Trainers with personal experience of working in the field that they train in. They bring genuine expertise and can all call upon real-life examples to illustrate the learning contained in their Workshops.

Clarity’s Workshops

  • are tailored to your needs to ensure their relevance
  • include our bespoke manuals and workbooks (where needed)
  • include certificates of attendance and completion
  • include a short post-course report summarising the feedback provided by participants
  • draw upon a unique range of resources e.g. our library of video interviews, BBC trained expertise
  • use varied training methods such as visualisation, discussion, ‘live’ exercises and practice. Our practice exercises are well managed by our trainers so they maximise the learning benefit without causing unnecessary anxiety for participants

Popular Training Courses

  • Defusing Workshop:  This is one of Clarity’s most popular Workshops. 'Defusing' isn't a version of counselling and Defusers aren’t required to be trained health or social care professionals.
  • Telephone Defusing Workshop:  ‘Defusing’ is a term used to describe the skills and knowledge that will help you be supportive with people you may speak with on the telephone who have been affected by some traumatic or possibly tragic event.
  • Defusing Workshop - Terrorism Related: A necessary version of our most popular Workshop. Acts of Terrorism can cause some characteristic reactions that it is helpful to be aware of if incidents of this kind are a major concern for your organisation. This Terrorism-Related Workshop will help your Defusers to be more confident when supporting people who have been affected by a traumatic or even tragic act of terrorism.
  • Crisis Management Workshop :  This one-day Workshop helps members of an Incident Management Team consider how their incident management planning and decisions should take account of the psychological impact of the incident on them, their colleagues, customers and others who are affected.
  • Breaking Bad News:  This Workshop is designed to give confidence to participants who may have to 'Break Bad News'.
  • Scenario Based Exercises: These exercises are carefully designed to challenge only the elements of your Incident Management Plan that you want tested.
  • Media Skills Workshop: Led by a highly experienced BBC journalist these Workshops are invaluable for anyone who might have to respond to media requests on behalf of your organisation.

“Thank you for sharing the audio and video files and thank you for the training session. I found it incredibly beneficial and whilst sometimes the role play can seem intimidating I found it most helpful.”

Ross Pakes, Director of Product and Commercial, Abercrombie & Kent Ltd

“Martin provided us with some of the best training our Incident Management Team has had. It gave the team hands-on skills, confidence and understanding in being able to manage a particularly sensitive area of incident management. These skills are now an integral part of our incident management planning.

This training and the advice he provided make Martin a ‘must have’ in any incident management toolbox.”

Lloyd Figgins - Head of Global Field Safety, Earthwatch Institute

“The scenario day that Clarity organised was a real success. Not only did it put our crisis procedures to the test but it gave us the invaluable chance to practice our skills in a ‘safe’ environment.

We came away with a number of recommendations for improving our procedures and a renewed sense of confidence in our skills. Highly recommended.“

Cass Miller-Jones Operations Manager, Audley Travel

“Second course with Clarity and equally as good as the first. Valuable in dealing with so many issues – not just crises.”

Jonathan Goldsmith, Audley Travel

“I found the whole of the presentation very useful and relevant in my role as an airport care team member.”

Jackie Long, Manchester Airports Group

“I learnt loads! Useful do’s and don’ts when dealing with people in the immediate aftermath of an event.”

Richard Ellis - Tour Director, Cosmos

“Defusing is clear to me now. I feel more confident what I would do during a traumatic incident. Most importantly, I know what not to do and not to say!”

Alison Skulic , Independent Tour Director

“Most useful was the role playing activity and examples Martin gave throughout the course.”

Amanda Lowder , Earthwatch Institute

“Excellent course. A bit sceptical at first but very surprised within minutes. Martin knows his stuff! Delivers information brilliantly.”

Mark Dodd , Manchester Airports Group

“Martin. What a brilliant lecture. It’s the most interesting, thought provoking, helpful talk in 30 years of guest speakers.”

Geoff Cordwell , Tourwise of London Tour Director

“Very good session! Martin was a fantastic trainer!”

Andy Wills, Topdeck Travel